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I believe an officer's blood, sweat and tears are worth more than money, time and benefits, and yet, each sacrifice SHALL be compensated competitively, HONORED profoundly, and DEFENDED fiercely from devaluation and abuse. 

Sgt. Jason Newport #2713

“A true leader with genuine integrity. Always goes over and beyond the scope of his responsibilities. He's going to do great things for this department."

Sgt. I. Rodriguez #3030

“From the start of his training to the current point in his career, Erick Gutierrez has shown an ambitious drive to develop and evolve as an officer and leader. He brings a well-educated mind as well as an open mind to develop himself and others around him. Aside from being a critical thinker, Erick comes with a realistic look at how police work has developed over the years. He prides himself in helping others on a professional and personal level and continues looking into the issues and concerns that today's officers have to deal with.”

Patrol: Det. Felipe Barrera #2609

"Erick is college educated, has new and youthful ideas and is a future leader in the department. He's well organized and tedious with his preparation in my experiences with him. Always looking to learn and improve in his deficiencies. Constantly inquires on Officer's concerns to address them within his region."

Top Problems We're Facing:

These issues don't just affect us, they deeply affect our families and the community we live in.

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Inadequate Income

Department Officers are holding on by threads of non-competitive income that is being further destroyed by inflation, drawing more and more highly trained Officers to employment elsewhere every month.

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Detrimental Staffing

Incredibly low staffing levels and mismanaged personnel weakens mission critical units such as Patrol causing: exhaustion, incredible and consistent 24+ hour backlogs of emergency 9-1-1 calls, increases in citizen complaints, destruction of morale, destruction of trust in the cities police Department, abuse of officers days off, dramatic increases in overtime, a great reduction in safety towards officers and the general public, and destroys ability to accomplish our objectives, mission and vision as a police department.

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Smothered Communications

Ineffective and stifled communication creates an environment where officers cannot make informed decisions or understand the impacts of a critical document such as the Collective Bargaining Agreement.



My name is Erick Gutierrez

I believe the El Paso Municipal Police Officer's Association can have a profound, surgical and coordinated impact on city politics, police culture, public opinion, and most importantly, the livelihood of Officers and their families.

I also believe in keeping the city and department accountable with thorough statistical documentation that makes hidden issues plainly visible, exposing the truth and rectifying any injustices and deficiencies in police work.

I am willing to fight any battles that need to be fought no matter how insurmountable they may appear or how costly they are to me personally. I believe in laying down my own interests, safety and security in order to further the pursuit of truth, fairness and justice; especially when defending one of the warriors of our city.

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